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  • Air conditioning : 3 Ways to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System
    Did you know that air conditioning systems need regular maintenance and cleaning to run at their best? Regular cleaning and annual maintenance can save you money. This will prevent breakdowns, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your air conditioning unit. The Master Group, the largest independent distributor in the air conditioning and he
  • Air conditioning : Air Conditioning Installation by Master Group Professionals
    The cost of air conditioning represents an average of 2% of household energy costs. For your air conditioning installation, it is therefore important to choose a system with high energy efficiency ratings. Through its large network of independent dealers throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario, The Master Group distributes a variety of energy efficie
  • Air conditioning : Solar Air Conditioning and the Future
    Solar Power and Summer Heat Solar air conditioning systems are a great solution to keeping cool during the blistering heat of summer, but it is good to understand the way the need for these cooling systems arose. First, there is the massive ball of gas and fire that we affectionately refer to as the sun. For years and years, it has continued to bu
  • Air conditioning : Air Conditioning: An Overview of Cooling Systems
    Air Conditioning Basics Air conditioning has been used since ancient times. In Egypt, it is said that reeds were combined with cold water and placed in open windows to cool the scorching desert air. Today, air conditioning systems have become more efficient and modern, but the same basic principles are in play. Units can use a variety of methods t